How to Replace the Toner on the E525w Dell Laser Printer


1. Removing the dell e525w Toner Cartridge

Turn off the printer.

Open the toner access cover.

Pinch the cartridge firmly as shown in the illustration.

WARNING: Always pull the cartridge out slowly so you do not spill any toner.

Pull the toner cartridge out.

2. Installing a e525wToner Cartridge

Unpack a new dell e525w toner cartridge of the desired color and shake it five to six times to distribute the toner evenly.

Note: Ensure that the color of the new e525w toner cartridge matches that on the handle before replacing it.

Handle the Dell toner cartridge carefully to avoid spillage of the toner.
Remove the tape from the e525w toner cartridge.

Adjust the e525w toner to the associated cartridge holder, and then insert it firmly by pressing near the center of the label until the cartridge clicks.

Close the toner e525w access cover.

Turn on the printer.